Places of interest in Montenegro

Montenegro is primarily a fascinating nature, in particular providing unforgettable combination of blue Adriatic Sea with monumental mountains. By choosing to be there so pay special attention to the wonders of nature . Below I present a brief overview of the most attractive and towns .

Durmitor National Park . They are majestic mountains with magnificent mountain meadows , which are particularly beautiful in the spring , at the time of flowering plants, and lakes with crystal clear water . In the higher parts of the mountains and shaded areas throughout the year with snow . For lovers of mountain Durmitor is irresistible , especially when tourist traffic is low here as our habits .

Canyons river : Tara, Moračy , Mrtvicy . It is a miracle of nature: rivers flow into them at high speed , the water is white and foamy , and piled up a steep , almost vertical walls with a height sometimes exceeding 1000 m ! Worth seeing at least one of these canyons , where the best way to explore is a special rafting rafts .

Kotor and Kotor Bay - hour road after crossing the Croatian- Montenegrin captivates us a great view. We will be touring the vast bay, where the mountains plunge into the sea , and on the water every now and then grow tiny island church . It is here - in the Bay of Kotor - is the only fjord in Southern Europe ! Coming from the other side - from Budva - will feel like at the amusement park , sliding down the narrow switchbacks . After a while, we will see an unforgettable view of the city - walls Climbing up high in the mountains - there lies the most famous city of Kotor Montenegro.

4- kilometer-long city walls were built from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. You can now visit them - ticket costs 1 euro (price in 2006) . The main attractions of the Old Town should clock tower, palaces and cathedral. Trifun ( 1 euro - entry in 2006) ) . Famous are also three city gates . Characteristic of Kotor are tiny churches that are literally on every square .

Once Kotor was invincible claim places the resistance to the Turkish invasions . Kotor stimulates the imagination and brings to mind the ancient battlefield like Lord of the Rings .

On the other hand, the climate of the city destroys many factors. Old Town disfigured surrounding chimneys. The city was damaged during an earthquake in 1979 Renovation work is still in progress , however nightmarish impressive ruined houses and living in them - on the ruins - older people and a bunch of lousy cats. Spoil the atmosphere of the crowds of tourists .

I would recommend instead seaside market - you can buy the delicious fruit, marinated olives, traditional Montenegrin cheese.

Sveti Stefan . The tiny rocky island lies just off the Adriatic coast , between the towns of Budva and Petrovac . Located on the picturesque hamlet , consisting of houses with red roofs. Currently, the whole is a luxury hotel.

Biogradska Gora is the oldest national park , situated in the Massif mountains Bjelasica . This area was taken under the protection already in 1878 ! In a mountain valley Biogradsko River are the remains of virgin forest . There is also a large lake i .. very few marked trails .

Skadar Lake is a huge lake karst , while national park with rare fauna ( you can meet pelicans, and even ... a hippopotamus ) and flora. He admires the beauty of each season. Changes at this like a chameleon . In early spring , when the water level is high , flooding coastal meadows and roads . Sunken islands resemble the top - then pictures of distant China . In the summer pleases the eye green wooded shores, winter subdued colors make the lake looks like an old , black-and- white photographs.

Cetinje , the old capital of Montenegro, full of memorabilia turbulent history of a small but proud nation . Lots of monuments and museums here . You can also view a unique artistic map of the whole country.

Ostrog Monastery of buildings embedded in the rock cliff is an extremely picturesque place and frequented by tour, and one of the most important religious centers of Montenegro , respected not only by Orthodox believers .

Budva - Budva Passing through the gates move to another world - a mysterious and enchanting : the narrow stone streets , hanging flowers , the smell of fish, Latin ballads about love, for moments of melancholy jazz again , and then rousing tango , lazy hot afternoon - that's the Budva . Passing through the gate , we feel as if time has stopped , and did not even exist . The city is truly magical !

Budva is the oldest city on the coast of Montenegro. Old Town is located on a small peninsula .

From the citadel there is a beautiful view of the island of St . Nicholas ( Montenegro - largest island entirely private ! ) The city owes its appearance to the Venetians ( building dates from the fifteenth century). Interestingly - Budva has something in common with the Italian Corleone :) It supposedly hiding here fathers mafia !

Holy Stefan is another magical place . This is where the action should play the last James Bond. St . Stefan is in fact long been a fishing island , and the fifteenth - century fortress , which in the 60s converted into a hotel . But not just any hotel ! It is the most expensive hotel in Montenegro - rates date back to 1,500 euros . The island attracts famous around the world. Architecture of the island has not changed - guests live in the medieval houses, which, however, are luxuriously furnished. The most expensive apartment dreams guests are met at any time of the day or night ! Apparently, even the most abstract.

Old Bar - When you go towards the coast of Albania, we can observe the changing flora - waterfront covered with olive groves and wild pomegranates . The gardens grow lime and kiwi .

The farther south the less tourists , the more real and Montenegro. Here the Muslim population lives next to the Orthodox .
From time to time you can hear from the minarets loud muezzin singing . Here 's the buck - you can have a real , traditionally brewed coffee Montenegrin , and try the local delicacies ...

This mood is also called. " Stari Bar ", away from the Bar about 4 km. From Bar can get there by bus or on foot.

The origins of the Old Bar dates back to the eleventh century - the city was part of the Serbian state of Zeta . Today, the former power of ruin.

Near the old Bar - in Mirovicy - growing oldest olive tree in the world - apparently has more than 2,000 years!