Montenegro beaches

Beaches in Montenegro:


The charming town of Petrovac is a beach of the same name . Length of 600 m It is one of the most famous and most visited beaches on the Montenegrin coast.


Distant about 500 meters from the Petrovče (towards Bar ) . It has the shape of a small bay , the length of which is 220 m


Located about 1 km from Pertovca towards the Bar. Beach with a length of 2000 m Next to the beach there are numerous campsites .

Velika Plaza - Great beach

About 2 km from Ulcinj on the south coast of Montenegro, there is a sandy beach ( Velika beach) , length of 13 km. The sand is gray -known for its health properties . From ancient times to Ulcinj and the beach come to the Great patients suffering from rheumatism and artrytys .

Mala plaža - Small beach

The town of Ulcinj in the center of the main street of town there is a sandy beach, length 375 m

Liman Liman I and II

350 m from the central beach of Ulcinj in a small bay is a charming pebble beach Liman . The length of the beach is 200 m

Female plaža - Beach for women

Approximately 350 m south of the Small beach in Ulcinj is a nude beach known as female plaža . The beach right of access, as only women . Admission is pay 1.50 Euro . Female beach is pebbly beach . It is situated in a small rocky cove . On the beach there is a source of healing water that therapists recommend women who suffer from infertility and various other diseases.


It is located 2.5 km from Budva in the direction of Tivat . The beach is divided into two parts : a small beach with a length of 300 m, which is used by nudists and a large beach with a length of 500 m At the beach there is a camp with 2,000 seats .

Mogren I and Mogren II

Located at the Avala hotel complex , about 150 meters away from the old town of Budva . These are two pebble beaches with a length of 350 m, interconnected tunnel carved in the rock. This leads to them paved road . Admission is pay 1 Euro per person.

Slovenska beach

It is located in Budva and stretches across the entire city - from the port to the hotel Park . The length of the beach is 1600 m


Considered one of the prettiest beaches in the southern part of the Adriatic , odalona 2 km from Budva towards Petrovče . Length of 1950 m in 1935 won the Grand Prix ( Golden Palm ) as the most beautiful beach in Europe. Becici beach is a sandy beach .


It is located at the former summer residence of the dynasty Karađorđevičów , built in 1934. The length of the beach is 280 m for beach stretches Miločerski forest (the name comes from the village of Milocer ), which occupies a space of 18 hectares.

Kraljičina plaža - Kings Beach

Next to the beach Miločer is Kraljičina plaža . Length of 120 m around the beach conifers grow densely , and therefore across the beach the scent of the forest.

Sveti Stefan - Sveti Stefan

It consists of two beaches . On the right and on the left side of the causeway , which connects the peninsula with the mainland św.Stefan . The length of the beach is 700 m św.Stefan

Small pesak - Fine sand

It is located between Sveti Stefan , a village Rezevici . In a hidden cove stretches beach, whose length is 240 m on the beach is a source of drinking water .