Local cuisine and habits

Montenegrin cuisine

The basis of Montenegrin cuisine is meat , fish ( on the coast ) , cheese, pita - like dough pastry filled with various kinds of meat such as minced with onion , cheese , cheese with spinach or sweet with fruits and nuts (known as baklava ) .
The best-known specialties from the grill

Cevapi - barbecued spicy meat sticks with mixed beef and pork. It is a dish which appears in the the menu of almost every Montenegrin restaurant.
Pljeskavica - meat the same as for ćevapy only in the shape of a hamburger
Skewers - Serbian raznjici

Grilled fish

Marine , in all kinds of sauces, of which the most famous is made ​​with parsley , garlic and lemon juice .

Brancin - sea bass
Bakalar - cod
Lignje - squid
Sipa - squid
Hobotnica - octopus

Freshwater fish can taste the tastiest around Lake Skadar in towns Vranjina and Virpazar famous catch fish.

Šaran - carp
Grgec - perch


Prebranac - baked beans with onions , peppers and spices served in earthen vessels
Moussaka - layers ziemiaków and minced onions baked in a sauce of milk and eggs
Punjen paprika - stuffed peppers


Baklava - French cake with walnuts in a sweet marinade
Tulumba - similar to donuts , of oblong shape in the sweet pickle
Kesten cake - cake made ​​with chestnut
Krempita - cake with thin base and a layer of cream with vanilla flavor

alcoholic beverages

rakija :

slivovica - plum
cellulose - with grapes
kajsiovača - Apricot
višnjivača - cherry
Orahovac - with walnuts
Medenica - with honey

wine :

Thanks to the mild climate of Montenegro is famous for its good quality red wine.

Vranac - red dry
Krstac - white dry