How to get to Montenegro?

Recommended access for the residents of the western part of the Polish ( Route No. 1 )

Leaving the country through Kłodzko Valley (border crossing Boboszów or Kudowa Slone ) . For the central part of the country - border crossing in Cieszyn.
On the territory of the Czech Republic passage through Olomouc and Brno to the border with Austria (direction: Znojmo and Mikulov ) . Distance to overcome , with Boboszów - about 220 km from Cieszyn - about 250 km
In Austria, the passage through Vienna and Graz in the direction of Slovenia (direction: Maribor). Distance to go : 330 km .
Short drive through Slovenia - Maribor, Ptuj to the border crossing with Croatia (direction: Zagreb ) . Distance to beat : about 80 km.
On the territory of Croatia , Zagreb after clearing , you need to follow south to the city of Split , and later on the roach . At the height of this city highway ends (as of March 2011) . Later scenic route leads along the coast to Dubrovnik. About 50 km outside Dubrovnik commute to the border with Montenegro. Distance to overcome in Croatia : about 700 km.
In Montenegro , there is only one way ( the so-called " bus "), which runs along the coast and you can get to all the resorts . Distance from the border to Budva and is approximately 60 km to 120 km Ulcinj .

Recommended access for the residents of the central / eastern part of the Polish (Route 2 )

Away from the country by the major crossing points in Cieszyn or Chyżne
People going through Cieszyn must drive about 40 km through the Czech Republic toward the Slovak Republic (town Žilina). With Žilina going to mijescowości Ruzomberok and later already as below (section 2b).
People crossing the border Chyżne head to the Ruzomberok , Banska Bistrica , Zvolen , Dudince to the border with Hungary in Šahy . Distance to go : 200 km .
On the territory of Hungary must be guided by the beginning of the resort VAC, and later to Budapest . Hungarian capital can bypass ring road (Route 2 -band , but longer) or pass through the center. From Budapest to the border with Serbia (the direction of Szeged / Beograd) . Distance to go : 260 km .
In Serbia passes through Novi Sad and Belgrade. In the capital of the country pulls off the highway and going south passing through Čačak , Užice and Prijepolje . After about 25 km you will reach the Montenegrin border (direction: Bijelo polje ) . Distance to beat : approx 500km .
On the territory of Montenegro to reach the coast you need to head for Podgorica , Skadar Lake then take and pass the toll tunnel (2.5 euro cars) . Leaving the tunnel at a height of Sutomore , one road leads to the south of the country ( to Bar , and Ulcinj Čanj - distance to be covered : 210km ), the second to Petrovče , of Budva ( Distance to go : 180 km), and the bay of Boka Kotorska .

* Drive " route 1" is more convenient - most goes to highways ( except for a few episodes in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and from Split in Croatia ) , as well as passing a lot of the town worth visiting (eg, Vienna, Zagreb and Dubrovnik ) .

Of course, " Route 1" also has drawbacks - highway tolls are much higher than in the case of " Route 2" . By selecting ' route 1' need to buy a vignette on the highway in Austria and the Czech Republic , and pay for driven episodes in Croatia. In the case of " Route 2" you need to buy a vignette to Hungary and Serbia to pay only for the stretch from the border to Belgrade (car 6 euros ) . Other ways are ways free !

For those choosing border crossing in Cieszyn (or others in the area ) the road " No. 1" is unfortunately much longer (more than 200 km from the " Route No. 2" ) .