Apartment No 5


15 km southeast of Budva and Petrovac is ( Petrovac na Moru ) . It is one of the most visited Montenegrin coast , in particular the family of a sandy beach dziećmi.Miasto , lots of greenery (including olive groves ) and numerous facilities for tourists. Venetian fortress ( now an exclusive bar) on the rocks at the edge of the bay did not like the fortress. It approaches a stone path at the rear of the surrounding buildings , to see the impressive cliff , on which the waves break (very photogenic place).

The oldest mention of sediment derived from the twelfth century , although it is known that already existed in Roman times . In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, built the churches of St . Ilije and St . Thomas, standing in the western part of the city . The settlements on the sea began to develop much later - in the late eighteenth century, roughly 200 years before the Venetians built a fortress on the Gulf of Castel Lastu . Its name later moved the entire city , which was named as the 1919


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Prices depending on the time and the apartment from 25 to 100 euros per night for the whole apartment. Please contact us for details.